This season we came across a disturbing number of animals entangled in fishing gear but his past week we found one of the saddest cases we have ever seen.

This poor female sea lion has a fishing net wrapped tightly around her neck. We first found her last week and reported her to the Animal Rescue Foundation. We came across her again yesterday as the Animal Rescue team attempted to free her and bring her in for treatment. Unfortunately, their attempts were unsuccessful and she remains in the wild as her condition worsens.

As active members of the Oceanic Community, we try our best to help as many animals as possible but we can not do it alone!

Please remember to not only clean up after yourself but also to take the initiative to clean up after others for the safety of the animals. We make every attempt to pick up garbage on our tours and at times come across full fishing nets or garbage bags of plastic floating offshore. Pollution and littering of fishing gear is a huge problem that is killing an exponential number of animals and it is one that everyone needs to be aware of.

If you come across a suffering animal please report it as soon as possible.

If you happen to come across this animal or any other suffering creature please report it as quickly as possible. The Animal Rescue hotline can be reached by calling (415) 289-SEAL or (800) 541-7325!

Suffering Sea-lion in San Diego Bay

A sad look at the effect of fishing gear on Marine Wildlife.