Photo & video support boats

The most stable and maneuverable boats and the most experienced marine photo & video support team in the industry. 

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Quiet, stable, and versatile- the premier option for tv, film, and print crews.

Low profile boats are the best option for a stable platform on the water. Being close to the water limits rocking and allows us to maneuver close to the subject of focus.

The safest vessels on the water are military rigid inflatable boats (RIBs). The fiberglass hull is secure and the inflatable tubing around the boat makes it virtually unsinkable and unflippable.

Quiet motors allow us to move about the production area without disrupting the ambient noise or sound quality.

Maneuverable twin engines give us the ability to navigate around difficult environments and film in locations that larger boats can not go.

Camera boat showing camera man taking picture

The best boats for media production

Filming Piranha Movie


The most experienced marine photo and video support team in the industry. With positions behind the scenes and on camera, we have been chartered extensively for film and print media productions.

Marine Media Experience

Jay Leno’s Garage
Top Gun
Supercars with David Hasslehoff
“24 Hours in a Life Raft” with YesTheory
Captain Phillips
Piranha 3-D
CSI: Miami
Last Ship
Disney/Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds’ End
MTV Europe
Aquatic Aviation- California Flyboarding
Navy Recruiting Commercial- Good Films
Nautica Photo Shoot
48 Hours Mystery- Black Wave
Playboy TV
Real House Wives
NMMA’s Discover Boating Ad Campaign
SD County Credit Union Commercial- Nucleus Pictures
General Hospital Episode- Stargate Films
Red Bull Air Races

WHat to expect

We specialize in support operations for film and print productions. We have experience in front of and behind the camera. Check out the video below for an example of a video we made with YesTheory for their YouTube channel.