Private Mexico Island Tour

On this four-hour private tour, we will take you around each of the Los Coronados Islands in Mexico where you will see rare wildlife rookeries, unique rock formations, and animals that live on the islands.

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Grab your passport and your binoculars and get ready to explore the Los Coronados Islands in Mexico!

Mexico’s Coronado Islands, off the Baja peninsula, are known for their small deserted beaches and crystal clear, azure blue and emerald green waters—only a short boat ride away.

When you arrive, the scenery and extraordinary sea life will amaze you.  The sweeping landscape of rugged cliffs, natural bridges, and sea caves will make it hard for you to believe that you are only 14 miles away from the bustling city of San Diego.

Rich Biodiversity- You will get to see one of the most abundant eco-systems off the Pacific coast in a place that is wild and secluded.  The perfect year round temperatures and pristine water creates unimaginable richness and bio-diversity.

Plan on seeing fantastic numbers of mammals and migratory sea birds—whales, dolphins, seals, sea lions, sunfish, petrels, pelicans and the elusive booby birds on this adventure tour.

an exotic adventure to the islands of mexico

los coronados islands wildlife

Our Mexico Island Tours have an opportunity to see some of the rare wildlife rookeries on the Southern Coast of California.

Here are some of the most commonly sighted marine mammals and pelagic birds that we see on our Mexico Island Tours from San Diego.

Northern Elephant Seals established breeding grounds on the islands after almost reaching extinction in the last century. The Los Coronados Islands are one of the only Elephant Seal Rookeries in hundreds of miles of coastline.

Common Dolphins are one of the many species of dolphins that we frequently see on our boat tours to Mexico. Common dolphins travel in large groups and we often get to see hundreds or thousands of dolphins at a time! 

Various Whale Species also spend time in the warm waters of Mexico including Humpback Whales, Blue Whales, Grey Whales, and even a tropical pacific pod of Orca Whales! 

Brown Booby Birds have colonized one of the Coronados Islands called Middle Rock. Here we get to see one of the only Brown Booby Bird Rookeries in the Western Pacific Ocean.

Other Pelagic Birds we see include: California Brown Pelicans, Great Blue Herons, Great Egret, Snowy Egret, Cormorants, Terns, Coots, California Gulls, Brown Booby Bird, Night Heron,  Loon Birds, and many others.


WHat to expect

Take one of our exciting Mexico Island Tours and see the Los Coronados Islands up close! With visibility of up to 100 feet you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the dramatic landscapes.

Mexico Island Tour Prices

Four Hour Private Mexico Island Tours:

$880 + tax for up to 6 passengers *

$1,460 + tax for up to 10 passengers *

*Mexico Visa’s are required for each passenger on an island tour. The fee for each Visa is $40 per passenger and is additional to the cost of the tour. Mexico Visas are non-refundable after purchase. We will need a copy of each passenger’s passport prior to purchasing the Visa’s. We require 7 days notice for island tour reservations in order to process the Visa’s.

what we see

The Island Tour from San Diego to Mexico is full of unique and beautiful sights. From wildlife to sea-caves, this rich and abundant eco-system will give you a close up look at the uninhabited islands.

Mexico Island Tour Highlights
Point Loma Lighthouse
Cabrillo National Monument
Crystal Clear Water
Panoramic Landscapes
Elephant Seal Rookery
Brown Booby Bird Rookery
Famous  Island “Keyhole”
Ruins of Casino Cove
Smuggler’s Cove
Various Whale Species
Various Dolphin Species