We can help with any type of on-the-water activities. We offer water-taxi services in the San Diego Bay and near-coastal areas. We also offer security services for events such as sailboat regattas, water parades, and more.

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Security, support, and transportation services for public and private marine activities.

Inflatable sides allow us to raft up next to other vessels for safe and easy passenger loading and unloading. The inflatable tubing around the boat also makes our boats virtually unsinkable and unflippable.

Fast & maneuverable twin engines give us the ability to navigate around difficult environments and get in and out of locations that larger boats can not access. We also move faster for more efficient transportation.

Low profile boats are the best option for a stable platform on the water. Being close to the water limits rocking and decreases the chance of sea sickness.

The safest vessels on the water are military rigid inflatable boats (RIBs). The fiberglass hull is thick which gives us the ability to do bayside and beach landings. 


Filming Piranha Movie

support for water activities & events

Filming Piranha Movie


The most experienced marine support team in the industry.

Support & Security Experience

Water Safety
Transportation of Crews
Sailboat Regatta support
Spectator Boat
Transportation to yacht charters
Transportation from off-shore vessels
Photography/videography boat
Security for private events
Marine research
Location scouting
Underwater surveying
Military practice operations
Lighting & Special Effects
Stunt Boat

WHat to expect

We specialize in support operations for all types of water activities. Check out the video below for an example of a video we made with YesTheory for their YouTube channel.