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San Diego has a wide variety of whale watching companies that all have a different price range! Find out the best options around town!

Different Whale Watching Boats

Whale watching prices vary depending on what kind of experience you are looking for. From big to small boats and slow to fast, San Diego has it all! Learn the different pricing for the different experiences below!

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RIB’s (Ridged-Hull Inflatable Boats): When booking a tour on a smaller craft it automatically becomes more intimate. With a smaller number of people on board, the captain has a greater opportunity for a more personalized conversation and learning curve. Tours like these generally cost from around $99 to $109 + tax depending on the day.

Sailboats: When booking a whale watching or wildlife tour on a sailboat is a very unique experience. In San Diego the prices for these tours rage depending on if you would want to rent out the full sailboat for a group or if you’re looking for individual tickets. Individual tickets range from $40 – $85 + tax depending on age of guest.

Larger Vessels: When you’re looking for whale watching prices on larger ships, you will notice they range from $50 – $70 + tax in San Diego. These boats can hold a much greater quanity of people which makes for a less intimate experience however, still equal the fun!

As you can see, there are a bunch of different whale watching companies out here in San Diego! All different shapes and sizes of boats that help give you such a different variety of tours to choose from!



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