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Want to know the most popular spots to visit in San Diego? Check out these amazing adventures that are a must see when traveling to San to San Diego!

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Liberty Station

For one thing Liberty Station is about 2 miles away from our location and altogether, Liberty Station has some great options for places to eat and things to do!

1. Liberty Public Market: this is a great place for groups, or if you love farmers market style eating. There are so many great options to choose from!

2. Stone Brewery: a popular brewery with a beer garden that is known for their unique stone beer and great food options!

3. Corvette Diner: a cute old timey diner and for that reason is great for kids!

4. Moniker Coffee Co.: an aesthetic coffee shop that is particularly known for their amazing coffee, seasonal options, and unique drinks!

5. The Lot: This movie theater is popular for its luxurious seats and dining options. Specifically, you can order drinks and food from the comfort of your own seat during your movie.

6. Hot Spot: You can paint your own pottery unless you want to create your own candles and fairy gardens.




Sign of liberty station

Activities to experience

in San Diego!

Liberty station sign

 7. Pinot’s Palette San Diego: Whenever you take a Paint & Sip art class they will teach you how to paint so during you can enjoy a glass of wine!

8. Visions Art Museums: This museum is a beautiful art gallery in Liberty Station of course with contemporary art.

9. NTC Park: This park has a playground in truth making it a great place to take kids!

10. If I was a Bird Yoga: In fact makes this yoga studio unique is that they specialize in youth yoga classes from ages 2-14.

                   BONUS: First Friday Art Event                    Significantly, the first Friday of every month from 5pm-9pm there is a free art event where you can explore art galleries, enjoy life dance performances, and browse unique shops. 

Given these points, check out more about Liberty Station and learn about all of the activities in the San Diego Liberty Station you can be a part of!

The uss midway


It is important to realize that the USS Midway museum is 2 miles down the road from us on Harbor Island Drive!

The USS Midway is open 10am – 5pm everyday and it is also recommended to give yourself about 3 hours to go through the tour.

USS Midway

Given that the USS Midway Museum is the longest-serving aircraft carrier in the 20th century it is indeed a sight you need to see.

Firstly, this now fascinating museum played a key role in the cold war. While boarding, you get to go back in time and have the chance to see how the crew lived, the extensive collection of aircrafts, and how the landing strip worked. Overall, this is a great tour for all ages to learn about the USS Midway’s remarkable history.

For that reason, tickets are $26 for adults and $18 for kids 6-12. If your child is 5 or younger than are free admission! 

In fact, for more information about the activities in San Diego on the USS Midway, head to their website!

Balboa Park

Top Activities at Balboa Park Include:

1. The Botanical Garden: Plantings include more than 2,100 plants! Collection includes cycads, ferns, orchids, palms, and other tropical plants. Entry is free!

2. Spanish Arts Center: Features over 200 amazing local artists of all different mediums. Entry is Free!

3. Japanese Friendship Garden: This garden is San-Kei_En meaning “three-scene garden.” It is named after the scenic landscapes celebrated in Japanese Culture, water, pastoral, and mountain. Ticket prices are $12.

4. San Diego Air & Space Museum: This fascinating museum shows our timeline with air and space travel. In fact, some of the aircrafts you can even go inside of! Open from 10am – 4:30pm; adults $23, children   3-11 are $13 and under 2 is free!

5. The San Diego Museum of Art: Not only does the collections at the museum range from 3,000 BC to the present. But also the museum has a broad range of American, Asian, European, and Latin American art. Some of the most important holdings are the world class south Asian paintings from the collection of Edwin Binney 3rd, the Buddhist sculpture from China and Japan, and the Ukiyo-e woodblock prints. Open everyday, except Wednesday, from 10 am – 5am and Sundays from 12pm – 5pm. Admissions is $20; children 17 and under are free!


Balboa Park

Balboa park is by far one of the most beautiful places in San Diego. Also, the park is one of the best things to do in San Diego due to its beautiful architecture and landscaping. As well as, 17 museums, 19 gardens, cafes, restaurants, shopping, performing arts, and cultural festivals.

6. International Cottages: Occasionally on Sundays there are performances at 2pm from the different cottages that feature music, dance, traditional costumes, arts, crafts, and ethnic foods. In addition, entry is free!

7. The Museum of Us: This unique museum experience focuses on multicultural perspectives exploring human experience to specialize in cultural anthropology. This point of view sparks dialogue, self-reflection, and human connections. Open Wednesday-Sunday from 10am – 5pm; adults are priced at $19.95 and youth is $16.95.

8. The Rose Garden: Specifically in bloom from March – December with April and May being in a peak bloom time. Given these points, entry is free!

9. Alcazar Garden: In detail, this beautiful garden was modeled after the Alcazar garden in Seville, Spain. As a matter of fact, entry is free!

10. Railroad Museum: This is the worlds largest accredited model railroad museum at 27,000 feet. Open from 11am – 4pm Thursday through Sunday. Ticket prices are $13.50 for adults, $6 for ages 4-11, and free entry for children 3 and under.  

Altogether for more information about the activities in San Diego at Balboa Park, check out their website from the link below!

Activities to enjoy at the Zoo:

1. Guided Bus Tour: On an open double deck bus you can have a quick 35 minute tour for an overview of the park.

2. Gorillas in the Lost Forest: Since the 1030s the gorillas have been a top exhibit. It is typically better to see the gorillas before 4pm.

3. Hippos in the Lost Forest: A fan favorite is the underwater tank where you can watch hippos running underwater. 

4. Skyaru Aerial Tram: Best view in the park! Get a relaxing ride while enjoying a bird’s eye view of the zoo.

5. Wildlife Explorer’s Basecamp: Not only does the wildlife explorer’s basecamp a dynamic play and discovery space for guests to learn about nature, encounter new species, and visit habitats from around the world. But also includes the different zones Rainforest, Wild Woods, Marsh Meadows, and Desert Dunes. Another key point is that kids can play in the tunnels, waterfalls, creeks, treetops, and much more! For that reason, this is a great place for kids to entertain their body and mind. 

6. Feed the Giraffes: Since the opportunity to feed a giraffe only costs $4 per feeding, you can do it more than once! 


Bush elephant

san diego zoo



7. Elephants Care Center: See the spa for elephants. Surly, you’ve never seen an elephant get a pedicure!

8. Orangutan Trail: Many say one that it is one of the most entertaining exhibits! As a matter of fact, orangutans actually have 97% of the same DNA as us!

9. Penguins at the Africa Rocks: Visit the beach lovers! While penguins are typically associated with cold climates these penguins love warm weather. Typically these penguins reside along the coast of southern Africa.

10. Wildlife Presentations: Basically you can meet wildlife ambassadors and wild care specialists to learn about the amazon wildlife from everywhere in the world!

Therefore learn more about what activities in San Diego the San Diego Zoo has to offer and all of the presentations and activities that are available!

the waterfront park


Looking for a relaxing way to spend your time during your trip in downtown San Diego?

Following your tour with us, have a picnic and enjoy the view of the San Diego Bay downtown from the beautiful waterfront park. Although there is some seating we however recommended to bring a blanket if you can. It is certainly a great place for kids because they can play on the playground or in the water fountain during summer. We undoubtedly recommend the waterfront park for a way to kick back and relax!

On this occasion, check out their website for more information on activities in San Diego!


Little italy farmers market

Located in Downtown San Diego, the Farmers Market in Little Italy is one of the fan favorite activities to be a part of! 

On Saturdays from 8:00am – 2pm and Wednesdays from 9:30am – 1:30pm

Downtown San Diego

Enjoy the biggest famers market in San Diego that has a lot to offer. For example, they have art, food, beauty, and so much more. 

Entry into the Farmers Market is free, however, parking can be tricky. Nevertheless, if you are having trouble finding street parking, instead, there is a great place to park would be the Kettner/Cedar garage. Overall there are plenty of spaces and the rate is $4 an hour with a daily rate of $15. 

This market is rated as one of the top activities in San Diego obviously for a good reason!

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