Rain in san diego?

You’re planning your trip to San Diego months in advance, the week comes and half the days its raining. What do you do? Check out some  activities, for all ages, of  some fun things to do in San Diego!

It has been the wettest January in San Diego in 20 years! Nobody plans for rain in San Diego. Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

1. Ice Skating: These 3 rinks are indoor and open year round! Check them out until the storm subsides!

2. Luxury Bowling Alley: Everybody loves a good bowling competition and what would be better than a luxurious place to do it at!

3. Birch Aquarium at Scripps: This aquarium is known state wide for their fascinating exhibits and their amazing addition for you to learn how oceanographers research in the field! 

4. Check Out Local Breweries: If you are over 21 years old, bar hopping is a great place to go! There are excellent locations in San Diego that you could enjoy some samplers and maybe some appetizers.

5. Indoor Rock Climbing: If you’re wanting a little exercise but not wanting to get wet from the rain in San Diego, go rock climbing! This can be an adventurous, and dry, activity in San Diego!



Activities to join when there is rain in san diego

6. New Children’s Museum: This is an amazing museum, especially to keep your children entertained and their minds challenged! 

7. Luxurious Movie Theaters: If you’re wanting a nice relaxing day in during the storm, head to one of the coziest places in town! At a couple movie theaters in San Diego, you can have dinner, drinks, a comfy seat, and a movie all in the same spot!

8. Book a Spa Appointment: Treat yourself is the motto of 2023! Even though rain in San Diego might be abnormal, spa days shouldn’t be! Most are located in our nicest resorts and hotels!

9. Fleet Science Center: A center for all ages to enjoy and stimulate their brain by learning all about the science of STEM research. If you want a fun yet knowledgeable activity check out their website!

10. Wine Tasting: One more rainy day activity for 21 and over would be to go wine tasting! You could take a drive up to Temecula to visit a couple of the beautiful wineries up there, or there are a couple places within town that you should check out!


more activites to do while its raining

Along with the top ten of indoor activities in San Diego, read through this list to see if any of the rainy day fun catches your eye!

San Diego Model Railroad Museum 

San Diego Natural History Museum 

Museum of Photographic Arts

WNDR Museum

USS Midway Museum

Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

Map and Atlas Museum of La Jolla

San Diego Air and Space Museum 

San Diego Automotive Museum 

Visit Local Coffee shops 

Go shopping at our high-end malls

Indoor Skydiving 

Old Town Market

Old Globe Theatre

J.A. Cooley Museum

La Jolla Playhouse

Liberty Station Public Market

Timken Museum of Art

Mingei International Museum 

Beyond Babel

Africa and Beyond

San Diego Central Library

Speed Circuit and Family Fun Center

Geisel Library

Marine Corps Command Museum 

Escapology San Diego

Red Spade Theatre

Whaley House Museum 

Lego Land

San Diego Civic Theatre

San Diego Comic-Con International


We do not cancel tours due to rain! There is still wildlife to be spotted in the rain! Check out the tours that we offer even when its raining!

We will still go on tours when it is raining in San Diego. The reason we would cancel trips is due to high swell or high winds. Our main priority is our guests safety which is why we are constantly watching the weather. Contact us with any questions you have or join us out on the water in the rain!

whale watching!

Whale Watching San Diego