Orca Whale Sightings in San Diego

We have had a record number of Orca Whale sightings off of the coast of Southern California this fall! We have consistently had sightings of two different pods of Orcas during the months of September and October. The pods have been traveling up and down the coast between San Diego California and Monterey Bay.

Undocumented Orcas

One of the pods of Killer Whales that has been in the area is the CA51 family of Orcas. This pod has been spotted off of the Southern California coast for years and is known to travel through this area. The other pod of whales we have been seeing is considered an Eastern Tropical Pacific Pod of Killer Whales. This specific pod is Undocumented and has not been given a label yet. These are the first documented sightings of this particular pod!

Orca Whale Watching San Diego

Orca Whales swimming alongside Adventure RIB Rides Whale Watching boat in San Diego!

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