Guests this week have been given a real treat! We have had close to a dozen humpback whales feeding off our coast and putting on quite a show!

There  are different ways a Humpback feeds. There is bubble netting which is where a group of whales will swim around a school of bait fish creating a column or ball of fish. One whale will continuously swim around the fish as the other whales will swim from underneath with their mouths wide open to scoop up large mouthfuls of bait fish. Another way these whales will feed is by lunge feeding. To do this the whale will open its mouth wide and skim across the top of the water in order to grab a mouthful of fish.

Luckily for us, between their feeding time they are still hanging out and showing off for everyone to see. Our common dolphin have been right along side the whales while feeding as well creating a truly amazing spectacle for those who are out on the water! It has been a jackpot out there lately, come join us today!