We have already spotted the first Blue Whale of the 2018 year!

The Blue Whale season in San Diego usually begins in mid to late May and extends throughout the summer and fall. This year we spotted our first Blue Whale on April 27th! We are still also seeing Grey Whales on their Northbound migration and yesterday we were treated to both Grey Whales and a Blue Whale on one tour! To see Grey Whales and Blue Whales in one day is a rare and extraordinary sight due to their opposite migratory seasons in Southern California!

Current Whale Sightings off of the Southern California coast: April 2018

In the last month we have seen a significant diversity in the whale species! The most popular sighting this month was the Grey Whale. Additional to the consistent Grey Whales and the Blue Whale we found yesterday, we have also been able to see Orca Whales, Fin Whales, and even a Minke Whale all in the last month! What a fantastic month we have had off of the shores of San Diego!

Other Recently Sighted Species:

San Diego, California is fortunate to have many different varieties of wildlife all year long. The California Sea Lions and Harbor Seals are some of the lazy locals who we see all around San Diego basking on rocks and buoys throughout the entire year! We also have local dolphin species that we find throughout the entire year including the Short Beak and Long Beak varieties of the In-shore and Off-shore Common Dolphin and Bottlenose Dolphin! This month we also found Pacific White Sided Dolphins, and some false killer whales!

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Blue Whale Fluke

A Big Blue Whale Shows off it’s Gigantic Tail!