whale watching must haves and dos  

Want to be an expert whale watcher? Make sure you bring these things along while using these tips on the water!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

must haves


When out on the water, the sun seems to get brighter because it is reflecting off the water.  Polarized sunglasses are the way to go because they have a chemical applied to them that filters light. Although polarized sunglasses are the best, as a expert whale watcher, any sort of protection for your eyes is necessary for your trip!


 Pictures and videos from your whale watching experience is a great way to be able to look back on what you saw and the memories you made! Sometimes being as a expert whale watcher  you might decide to put your technology away during your trip, no worries, we’ve got you covered! Head to our Instagram or Facebook to check out the footage we have!


Just like the sunglasses, with the sun reflecting off the water it is much easier for you to get burned. Coming prepared with sunscreen is very important, even on overcast days! There is actually a greater chance for sun burns on these days! Don’t worry, if you forget it we have some in our office you can use! 


Every adventurer knows they need water and snacks. You are going to be out on the water from 2.5 to 3 hours! You definitely don’t want to spend that time hungry or dehydrated. Pack a ecofriendly water bottle and your favorite snack and join us on the water to see some magnificent wildlife! We sell Clif Bars for $3 and reusable water bottles for $5 in our office if you need a fast snack!


Out on the ocean, the temperature can drop at least 10 – 15 degrees from what it is on land. Dressing in layers is a crucial part of whale watching. Expert whale watchers know It’s always better to be hot and have to remove layers than to be too cold and not have enough! The rule to live by is always dress warmer than you would anticipate! If not, we have complimentary snow suits that you can bring out for that last extra layer you may need!

positive attitude

What more could you want? You are out on the beautiful Pacific Ocean, enjoying the salty breeze and sunny skies! Having a positive attitude is a great cherry on top to your whole day of whale watching! Seeing these wild animals is a breathtaking sight and something that you will remember forever! Having a bright and sunny attitude is the perfect pairing for a sunshine filled day!  

Must Dos 

Along with the items you must have when whale watching, there are a couple must dos when out on the water! If you don’t forget these 3 things you will be set to venture out into the ocean as an expert whale watcher! 

ask questions

No matter what vessel you’re on or what company you are using, there will be someone that knows all about the wildlife! When you are out with Adventure Whale Watching, your public tour will be a very intimate group of six plus your captain. This gives you the freedom to ask as many questions as you can to your captain! Drain all of the knowledge that they have out of their brain and into yours!

be respectful

From the wildlife to other guests to the captain it is very important to treat every one with respect. When it comes to whale watching, everybody is there for the same reason. Every person on the boat deserves to be treated exactly how you would want to be treated, especially your Captain! The crew is working hard to keep you safe and to find you wildlife! Remember to respect and listen to them! 

be patient

A huge part of whale watching is trying to find them. It’s important to remember that we are dealing with wild animals and they can be anywhere they want to be in the ocean! Being patient is an important aspect when it comes to whale watching. It might take longer to see any wildlife than you think. Sit back, enjoy the views, and keep your eye out for wildlife spottings!

expert whale watcher 

The best way to become an expert whale watcher is to join us on a tour! Practice makes perfect! Don’t miss out on the Adventure of a lifetime!