Dolphins in San Diego

San Diego is home to many species of marine wildlife. One of the most frequently sighted marine mammals is the Cetacean, more commonly known as a Dolphin. Dolphins can be seen swimming with boats, playing, feeding, and breeding. They are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet and have many behaviors and characteristics that are similar to humans.

Adventure RIB Rides

A pod of common dolphins playing around the bow of Adventure Rib Rides Whale & Dolphin Watching Tour in San Diego, California.

Interesting facts about Dolphins:

  1. Dolphins live in a matriarchal society and the women are usually more dominant in their families.
  2. The clicking and singing languages dolphin use have been graphed at the same complexity as human languages.
  3. The average dolphin has the learning capacity of a 7 year-old child making them easily trainable and useful in military operations.
  4. Dolphins make sounds with their sinuses for echolocation and the sounds are received by their jawbone. Their jawbone reverberates a signal to their brain which processes distance and shapes of objects around them. This skills helps them to navigate and to tell what other animals are near by.
  5. Their echolocation can also tell if other species are pregnant or sick by examining the organ configuration and amount of oxygen.
  6. Dolphins are one of the only species other than humans that go through menopause, and the Alpha of a pod of dolphin is usually a post-menopausal, dominant female.
  7. Dolphins have been known to grieve over loss of others and have been observed carrying the bodies of dead dolphin in funeral like proceedings.
  8. Each dolphin has a unique signature whistle, like a name, that is recognized by the other dolphin. A dolphin can be separated from his pod for 10 years and they will still recognize it by the whistle.
  9. They have various dialects and accents that are constantly changing and adapting each year. The alpha of the pod is the dolphin who alters the language.
  10. Dolphins have been observed executing choreographed plans during feeding. This planning behavior is a sign of a higher level of intelligence than many other animals.

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