California killer whale project

The California Killer Whale project is a non-profit group that focuses on studying the preservation, conservation, and natural history of killer whales. Only along the coast of California.

Learn about CKWP and the change they are helping in the Killer Whale community.

This non-profit group is trying to grow awareness about Orcas on the coast of California. They have put together a field guide to help the public spot them. Also, they want to assist people when they come across a Orca. The group wants to help everybody learn about the Orca family relationships. 

The data that this group has is based on the number of people they have all around the ocean. Everybody helps support their project. They do this by calling in sightings. These people include fishermen, passengers, deckhands, life scientists, and biologists.  

California killer whale project (CKWP)




The samples in the field guide include the members of six key matrilines. 

These Orcas are found in gray whale calf attacks.  

These groups are usually spotted around Monterey Bay during April and May. 

These photos are examples of CA140, CA49B, CA171B (Fatfin), and CA51. Going from top to bottom.


Killer Whale
Killer Whale
Killer Whale
Killer Whale

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California Killer Whale Project is wanting more people to become focused on learning about Orcas. Their goal is to take all of the data from the past and continue to collect data to support people to submit sightings.

Head to their website! You can learn more about what this project is all about! Also, you can see more of the Orcas that this project have each year! You can even download their 2022 Field Guide Sample!

REport Sightings

Have you seen Killer Whales/Orcas?
Report sightings to the email or number listed below:

                                (831) 901-3839                        

“Our mission is to continue the long-term study of the ecology, natural history, and conservation of killer whales of the coast of California.”                    -CKWP

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