Annual Journey of Grey Whales along the Pacific Coast:

During the Winter and Spring months we observe the Grey Whales on their annual migration. This 10,000 mile journey is the longest migration of any mammal and spans over a period of about 5 months. They depart from their feeding grounds in Alaska and head to South America where they give birth to a new generation of grey whale calves.

When to see Grey Whales in San Diego:

In San Diego we are able to see these magnificent creatures from December to May. We see them heading South from the end of December until about March. Between March and May we watch them travel North accompanied by their juvenile calves. Check out Adventure RIB Rides Facebook Page to see up to date posts about current sightings.

What is the best way to go Whale Watching?

Although some prefer big, slow, and crowded whale watching boats, most people prefer to see wildlife up close from a thrilling fast boat! On fast, fun boats you are able to cover more ground and see more wildlife. The dolphin fre If you are ready to go then Click here to book your tour directly from the Adventure RIB Rides website.

What to bring on your Whale Watching tour:

When going on an Adventure off shore you want to make sure to come prepared! The temperature off shore is typically about 15 degrees colder than it is on shore so make sure to bundle up! If you have a Mustang Survival suit of your own bring it along. If not you are invited to use the ones provided to you before your tour. Don’t forget to bring your camera, phone, or drone to get photos and videos on your tour.

What other species can be seen during the Grey Whale season?

During the Winter and Spring months we are also able to see many other species in San Diego. The Humpback Whales, Fin Whales, and Minke Whales are some of the other whale species who frequently stop by to say hello! Additional to the whales we can also find several species of dolphins. The most popular species of dolphin during this season are the in-shore and off-shore common dolphin, the Bottlenose dolphin, and the Risso dolphin. Every day is different and every tour is different which adds to the adventure because you never know what unique experiences nature has in store!