Lets keep our Beaches clean!

Learn about different organizations that support beach clean ups and the resources that they supply. Together, we can change the world one piece of trash at a time! 

Throughout the world, along every ocean, there are a ton of organizations that participate in beach clean ups! 

Surfrider Foundation: Surfrider Foundations is the largest and most known organization that helps support our oceans and beaches around the country. “A Surfrider Foundation program to tackle the ocean litter issue – primarily caused by plastic pollution – through education for action, community science, and campaigns. We are all part of the solution and together we can restore our coastlines, one beach at a time.”

San Diego CoastKeeper: This foundation is a local organization in San Diego that specializes in beach cleanups. CoastKeeper hosts a variety of ways to help clean up the ocean and beaches from debris and trash.

I Love a Clean San Diego: This is another local organization that offers volunteer beach clean ups and a lot of different volunteer options. You could check out their website to see all the different events you could be a part of!

Pacific Beach Coalition:  An organization that is focused on keeping our beaches clean and trying to get those volunteers! Pacific Beach Coalition organizes beach clean ups that is open to the public through there non-profit organization!

Trash in Hands

Join the movement of cleaning up our beaches!

Picking Up Trash On Beach

As you can see, there are so many organizations that support our beaches and oceans and want them to be rid of all the debris and trash! There are so many different opportuinties and this is just for San Diego! 

Surfrider is an organization that is not only in San Diego, but also in Hawaii! The cluttered beaches are all around and there are even more foundations that help out in other parts of the world!

If you’re wanting to help out and become a volunteer, click on the links below to check out all of the different organizations to find one that resinates with you!

Clean it up

Other ways you can help make a difference for our oceans and beaches.

No More Plastics

Use reusable bags

Try to cut out single- use plastics

Recycle all plastics correctly

Volunteer in Different Programs

Beach clean ups

Blue water task force

Ocean friendly gardens

Ocean friendly restaurants

Rise above plastics

Check them out!

Here at Adventure Whale Watching we support all organizations that are moving to clean up our beaches! There are so many different volunteer options in the San Diego area to help clean our oceans and beaches of all the debris and trash that washes up. Check out these companies!

Come Join Us! See the ways Adventure Whale Watching helps out the oceans!

We love to participate in beach clean ups! Trash is such an ongoing issue that the oceans and beaches need all the help they can get! Any chance we can, we love to volunteer on those beaches to help raise awareness and do our part for the community.

Beach Clean Up
Trash Turtle Balloon

At Adventure Whale Watching we love to pick up the trash we see in the ocean! Out on tours, our Captain’s always see balloons, plastic bags and more that are the main source of pollution!

After we picked up enough balloons, we wanted to represent some of the marine wildlife that face daily struggles with the pollution. A sea turtle is a perfect example to remind the world of some of the living creatures that are impacted everyday.

Sea turtles aren’t the only wildlife that are faced with dangerous situations when it comes to plastic though. Whales, dolphins, sea lions, sea birds and more all struggle with the rise of plastics in our oceans. 

Lets all work together to save the ocean!